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True Blood 6x01

Well. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting in the wake of the uninspiring S5, but it also wasn't great. I'll be watching the rest of the season. I'm just not sure I'll catch it live every week.

Quote of the night goes to Lafayette, as is so often the case:
"Wrong place at the wrong time should be my middle fucking name."

I am so bummed about Luna. I know they established via Tommy that shifting into other humans kills shifters, but I hoped she'd escape that fate somehow. Argh. (Now, someone please cast Janina Gavankar in Game of Thrones stat. Arianne Martell, anyone?)

So much of this episode felt perfunctory, with very few scenes capturing the typical True Blood verve.

Beautiful genuine moment between Eric and Sookie, when he returned her house and she rescinded his invitation. It dismays me that I'm hearing rumors they'll be drawing back from Eric's humanization this season, since I'm most interested in seeing him become a better man and watching a proper romance unfold between him and Sookie.

Jason sitting in a car and gearing up to tell a perfect stranger all about the fucked up shit that is his Bon Temps life was so classic Jason.

I'm worried about Jessica, but I love the Bill/Jessica relationship. I don't like how they're undermining the Pam/Eric relationship, and I really don't like that they're sweeping everything Pam did to Tara under the rug in the pursuit of the Pam/Tara romance (although I really do dig some more representation of non-hetero relationships). I also don't like So okie and Jason fighting.

...and, apparently, it's good to be the packmaster.

A thunderstorm just blew up out of nowhere and there's lightning all about! Time to shut this thing down.

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